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Mission Statement:
Antelope Valley Twisters Gymnastics is committed to providing a safe and positive atmosphere for each individual with a healthy and nurturing environment for every child.  We want all participants to be able to train successfully in order to achieve their goals in a fair manner, no matter how challenging those goals may be.  Our staff is devoted to teach your children the positive life skills of goal setting, discipline, focus, self confidence and perserverance thru leading by example and using positive reinforcement. Our instructors will coach each and every child while enhancing and enriching their lives thru the participation in the sport of gymnastics.
Our Coaches:
At Antelope Valley Twisters Gymnastics, our Coaches are a family.  Many of the Coaches have known each other and have coached at the gym for decades.  Almost all current Coaches were also gymnasts here with most participating on our competitive Team. Each coach has completed all requirements to obtain a Professional membership from USA Gymnastics (USAG).  This includes all educational courses as well as an ongoing education, pass a background check with NCIS, hold a safety certificate issued by USAG, and have a love for teaching the sport of gymnastics.  Many of our coaches have been CPR and First Aid certified as well as many go to seminars, and take extra classes to enhance their knowledge base and increase their professionalism.  
It is the goal of Antelope Valley Twisters Gymnastics  to work with each athlete at their own speed and continue to challenge them with a focus on positive reinforcement.   

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